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 Application Guide
 Posted: Jul 6 2017, 03:55 AM
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Felix Felicis Application Guide

In an effort to help people be the best writers they can be, we've made a guide to help people when creating characters on the site. We have a lot of moving parts, and we want to have an easy reference to all of the information that will help you along your way to making a dynamic character that is sure to rule the plotlines! <3 We will also go over the things we look for when accepting applications, though don't stress about it. We are not hard critics at all.

Important threads to read right away

We have quite a few informational threads around here. We know that a lot of information can seem daunting, so take a look at the list of links below, and use whichever would be most helpful for the character you want to write.

o. Whether you use our Traditional Application or our Freeform Application is up to you. Some people like the structure, and some people even use a mix of the two. Do whatever you are most comfortable with, and have fun with it!

o. Bans & Most Wanted Characters: We strive to keep this as up to date as possible, and we update the needed characters after every activity check.

o. Wanted Ads: We will talk more about want ads later, but this is where we keep all of them. Give it a glance, and see what you can find!

o. Canon List: Our Canon List is always growing. We allow people to request additions all the time. We do not claim this to be a comprehensive list of every canon in the HP world, but we tried to have a wide variety. There's a lot of room for originality here as well, since it's so far in the future.

o. Face Claim: Check to see if your desired face claim is available. We have some pretty unique faces here, so some normally popular ones are usually available.

Species and Abilities

Having a slight fantasy twist, we have a lot of abilities and species open for you to play on here. If you'd like us to consider adding to these lists, go ahead and ask, but we may deny it if we don't think it would make sense in the HP world.

o. Take a look at our Species Guide and our Ability Guide. These have comprehensive lists of what we have available. We also have a Dragonblood Guide to help with the new species we adapted for the site.

o. You'll also want to take a look at our Species Claim and our Ability Claim to make sure what you want to use is available.

School and Employment

o. Employment and Business Registration: Is your character employed? See this thread for businesses already in place or to create your own.

o. Organisations & Clubs: Another great way to start with plots is to take part in one of our organisations and groups. Get more information here.

o. Stonefalls Staff, Professors & HoH's: If you want a professor, here's where you can check out our taken positions.

o. Prefects & Head Students: For students, here's where you can see if we have an opening for prefects and head students.

Anything Else

If you look at the information needed, and include it in your application, you should be good. At the end, it's good to go through this checklist. This is what we do when we are sorting applications:

Must Haves

- Is the character a canon, is that canon available?
---- If the canon is part of a family?
---- do they mention the family?

- Do they have an ability?
---- Is the ability explained in their application? This must make sense, as most abilities are not easy to learn or become proficient in.
---- Does the ability match one in the abilities guide?
---- Does it fit the guidelines in the guide?

- Are they a special species?
---- Is the species explained in their application?
---- Does the species match one in the species guide?
---- Does it fit the guidelines in the guide?
---- Do they accurately depict how this species affects them?

- If they are task force, are they an auror?
---- If they are not an auror, are they vying for a position that requires an auror? Do they explain why this would be okay? (goood explanation might be passable with admin approval)
---- do they explain why their character would be wanted/useful to the task force?
---- do they explain how their person came to be in the task force?
---- does their personality or history make sense as to why they would be task force? (good or bad motive)

- Are they part of another group?
---- does their personality or history make sense as to why they would be in that group? (good or bad motive)
---- do they explain how they came to be a part of the group?
---- if they moved up in rank, do they explain how?

- Is the PB already taken?
- Is there any explanation about school? (even an explanation why there is no school is required if they didn't go to school)
- Does the app show any personality at all? (not bland personality, but they didn't give any indication about the character's personality or showed how they might react in certain situations)
- Are there any major plot holes (buying lavish things with no explanation of money, overcame serious trauma with no explanation, etc)

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