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 FF Guidebook
 Posted: Jul 6 2017, 03:56 AM
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Hello, and welcome to Felix Felicis! We are an AU Potter site set in the future, and we have some pretty amazing twists and turns! We are a mature RP site, and are also a Premium Jcink site, so you can roleplay nearly anything! We have only a couple rules on that, but we'll get into all of that later. Right now, we want to share this guidebook with you. We made this to help newcomers navigate theough the site and learn about how we do things around here. We will also go over a bit of the site culture so you can be sure that FF fits you!

Important threads to read right away

o. The Plot & History: See if you like it, see if it inspires you! This thread will have our current and past plots if they have a tie to the current plot! ^.~

o. The Rules: While this is the obligatory lengthy thread that everyone usually hates reading, we do hold all of our staff and members to these rules. Make sure you agree with them before joining.


Okay, you've read the rules, you've read the plot, and you're still here! We want to share how to get help around here before we dig straight into the fun stuff!

o. For quick questions, feel free to pop into the CBox and ask. There's usually someone there, whether it is a member or a staff. Our members are really good about knowing our stuff! Our cbox isn't as busy as most sites, but we're usually around tinkering.

o. If nobody answers straight away, or if you have questions that need a more in-depth answer, you can make a post in our Help & Moderation forum! It is guest friendly, and you don't even have to use the alias that you're going to join with (for complete anonymity if you will). We'll get back to you as quickly as possible!

o. We also have a F.A.Q. Go ahead and take a look to see if your question has been asked before.


Please register with a first name, middle initial and last name in correct capitalization (First M. Last). Read thoroughly over our Application Guide before starting an app. Everything you should need to know about our expectations and even some helpful tips can be found there, including what to title your app when posting and how school is paid for. There was so much stuff that we thought would be helpful, that we made an entire guide for it. It may seem like a lot to read, but we have tried to lay everything out nice and orderly to help you understand it better.


Once your application is accepted and processed, the first place to go are the claims. Be sure to fill out all the necessary claims (face, occupation, species, and member directory) before moving on to other areas of the site. We'll automatically claim the following for you: canons, abilities, species, professors, and employment, but it's always good to check and make sure we didn't miss anything.

We have an area where you can post an introduction to let us know something about yourself. This is a great way to start making connections with our other members. It is especially helpful if you don't already know anyone on the site!


Everyone worries a little when it comes to plotting, it's totally normal! When you don't know the people around you, it's hard to break the ice. What if they don't like your idea, or what if I don't have any ideas? There are lots of worries that people have when it comes to plotting. Even for some of our staff, it's nerve-wracking. One surefire way to start is to talk in the CBox. it is a less "formal" way of breaking the ice and it shows a level of interest in making connections. Having connections eith people makes it easier to lead to the development of plots between characters!

In addition, never be afraid to ask other members if they'd be interested in plots. The answer is almost always yes. Nobody is opposed to having ideas thrown into their plotter for character interaction and this is the easiest way to get plots going. Though, asking someone to plot and expecting them to be the one to have all the ideas can make things a little hard. Try to start the ball rolling by having at least one idea with one of their characters. It might help show that you're making an attempt. Nobody is perfect at this, even those of us that have been doing it for half our lives.

Tips for plotting:

  • Posting in other people's plot pages is a good way to get yourself out there. It's not always best to sit and wait for them to come to you. A lot of writers are introverts and take a minute to come out of their shells, haha.

  • When posting plot ides, connections are great! You don't have to have a thread-bearing plot with every character! We have a ton of characters here, so find the ones that really work well with your lovely characters. Some characters might not have enough to have a thread immediately, but knowing that they have a connection may lead to one when more plots move along.


On FF, we LOVE want ads! So much, that we include a bit about it in the application guide as well. Want ads are a great way to start off with built in plots. They can also be posted on resource sites to potentially draw in new members to play your wanted roles!

Here are some tips about want ads:

  • Posting want ads can be a great way to ask for roles that you want in your characters life. We suggest not only asking for people to be final ships for your character, because anything can happen, but requesting someone to date them will definitely open some doors!

  • To fill a want ad character, it doesn't have to always be with a new character. Sometimes you don't realize a character will fit for a plot until you read it on a want ad. If you have a character that would fit for someone's want ad, totally suggest it! Don't be offended if it doesn't work in the end, the plot opportunities are endless here!

  • If you want to advertise your want ads on other sites, we totally support this.

  • If you have a specific face claim for your want ad, you can go to our face claim and link your want ad on there. This does not keep others from taking that playby, but if they don't have a character idea, or their idea is more open, they can look at your want ad to see if it fits.


There are a lot of things we have incorporated on FF to provide fun, social avenues, and information on FF. Here's a list of those things and how they are used.

Member Forums

(member forums can only be viewed by members)

Once you are accepted, an admin should be creating a Member Directory for you if it is your first character. If one wasn't created, feel free to PM that admin to remind them. Member Forums are your own personal sandbox. You can post thread trackers, plot trackers, journals, or really anything for your characters or for yourself. Some people track their codes, plot conversations, and all applications they have as well. Post in it as little or as much as you'd like!

We do ask that you post a Member Directory in it that has a title of whatever your alias is. The Member Directory form can be found here. You can take a look at other people's member forums to get an idea. If you need to post an absence notice, you'll post it as a reply in your Member Directory thread.

News and Announcements

All Announcements are posted in this forum. Inside, there is a sub-forum for event and site-plot-related announcements as well. Looking at past events and announcements can be a good way to see where we've come from, and other fun stuff that has happened. All past announcements can be found in here as well.

Organizations and Clubs

Whether it's a school club, outside of school club, gang, or other type of organization, you'll find information about them in this forum. The staff have provided some to start, but anyone can start a club or group, and keep their information here. There's a ton of site plot related content that can be found here to help you with your characters' stories.


o. RP is a hobby, and we like to remind people of this. On FF encourage a laid back, relaxed site environment where everyone can move at their own desired pace with character creation, plotting, and posting. Life is hectic, especially if people have jobs, so we want to be understanding of that. We want people to have fun on here, not be stressed. That being said, it's also frustrating if plots are always moving at a crawl. We understand the occasional life craziness, but if it becomes constant, it might be time to reassess how many characters you have as well. It's a delicate balance, and we're here to help in any way we can.

o. You get out of the experience what you put into it. If you socialize a lot, people will socialize with you. When not in the cbox, most of us are on skype or some sort of messaging platform like that. There's also games, and more fun OOC stuff to have fun with. Make this place your home, and it will welcome you with open arms. <3

o. Lastly, but most important, have fun! We care more about the person behind the character! Don't take roleplay too seriously and enjoy yourself. Most of us are adults with lives outside of the board and we come here to relax from our day to day lives.

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