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 Regina Adele Nott
Regina A. Nott
 Posted: May 30 2017, 07:34 AM
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Human Witch
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Gina, Gigi
pureblood & human
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Leighton Meester

regina adele nott

FOR CANON CHARACTERS: First Nott child of Tyler and Isabella Nott

Hello, welcome to Stonefalls, it’s such a pleasure to meet you. I represent the Stonefalls Herald; we like to include a few student bios in each edition – would you mind answering a few questions?
    A pleasure to meet you too and I do not, please go ahead and begin.

Okay, great! Let’s start off with the basic, by telling me a bit about yourself?
    As a former student of Stonefalls, you must have the basic information already, but I will begin from the beginning. I was given a name that means queen, which is of Latin origin. As you can tell it’s a perfect fit being the eldest child and first born in the Nott family.

    Gina is my nickname; it’s what I go by a lot and has become a habit of introducing myself as Gina to everyone unless it's a professional introduction. I am currently 25 years old and work as a journalist, a herbologist – specializing in researching and seeking plants to be used for potions and cures, etc.

    I was born here in England and grew up alongside my siblings and while my family is pureblood, I find it to be quite unique – a mix of nationalities, especially from my mother’s side as she was Italian. I suppose it’s why I enjoy learning languages, but not from books I like to experience the life by living and learning. As for my father’s side of the family...well it’s an old family and known for supremacy, but that is a history of the old, still, some traditions don’t change or die down.

    I can honestly say I am not tied down to anyone; it’s not that I don’t want to; I just haven’t found the right person yet. On top of it all, I need someone who’d accept me and who my family is – the box of puzzles and fit in somehow. Besides, my work keeps me active, so I cannot stay in one place at all as I am constantly been going back and forth from work.

Tell me about your family, are you close?
    I’d rather not go into the details of my family, it's complicated and twisted and a subject that has so many layers like an onion and has no end. But I will talk a bit about them however...for the sake of this interview.

    Where to begin...

    I barely knew my father, it’s simple as that, he was absent in my life growing up, so I was never close to him. My earliest memories of him were when I was a child, after that it was mainly during the monthly to once every three month visit. I will admit he’s not perfect and he’s done a lot of unforgivable things in his life, but no parent is perfect. Still, he was my father and in so many ways I simply cannot turn away and ignore that. Especially now after his death, I have learned several truths he has not ever shared with anyone. People have said I resemble him in some way, I used to find that hard to believe, but there is some truth to it.

    My mother was the real parent role model in my life and I was close to her as a daughter could get with her mother. From my eyes, she was the bravest and confident woman I have ever known - from raising her family to having a husband in prison and everything else she had gone through. She was one of a kind my mother, I strived to be like her, a woman who stood her ground and accepted the word no. Most of me was modelled by her upbringing beliefs, but in so many ways I am still me.

    As for my siblings, they are a completely different story; I have a decent to a good relationship with most of my siblings, some I am close to. Peyton is one of my siblings I am not close to, there is a couple years difference between us and I have never seemed to be able to click with her, though maybe if it’s not too late now I will try.

    With my parents' death...I find myself thinking a lot thinking of my family, with them gone us kids are what’s left of the family, and when I think about especially being the oldest – it feels like a weight has come onto my shoulders.

What are some of your best and worst memories growing up? Any embarrassing moments to share?
    - laughs – Embarrassing moments? I won’t go into, they’re simply personal and I cannot possibly share with anyone.

    My good memories all involved being at Hogwarts, where I really did a lot of growing up and made a bunch of really good friends. For me, it was the time for growing up and finding you’re away in the world. The normal things a teenager would do and experience for the first time, then look back and wonder why did I do that?

    One of my favourite memories personally was when my father was let out of prison; I was 18 years old by then, it made me happy to be able to see him as a free man, and him seeing the woman I have become instead of the little girl who visited him.

    I will share one more good memory, it was when I first began experience the muggle world, a part of me wanted to see what it was like to live there and I learned from one of my dearest friend Alyssa. She taught me how everything worked there and do everything without magic, which surprisingly actually made doing things more fun.

    We can skip the bad memories of when I was younger; I do not want to dive into that right now. The only memory I will share is the death of my parents recently, no words can describe what it feels like losing them.

And what other things are you interested in? Any strengths or weakness you’re willing to share?
    I do love languages, learning languages is very much a big interest of mine but I do not do by learning from books, I like to live in said country and learn the language the old fashion way as it is the best way to learn. Music is something else I enjoy, I have a variety of music to play every day and sometimes I get carried away and start singing, even if my voice is that great. Reading is a favourite pastime of mine; I can sit for hours with a book.

    I don’t particularly like living in a messy house, the occasional mess is alright but after a certain amount of days I like to make my home shiny and new. I personally do not like rude people, if am respectful to you then I clearly expect it back, or at least be nice in return – am not asking to like me.
    Another personal one involves anyone getting involved in my love life, its end of the line with my patience if it’s crossed.

    Strength and weakness have always been an interesting pro and cons to discuss. I look back and think that I am my own person but thanks to my mother I was modelled from what made her who she is. I clearly have taken from her beauty, bravery, fierce nature and confidence. Plus being ambitious has helped me succeed in my life, but is something I learned along the way I am sure.

    I like to think that I have not inherited any of my father’s qualities in personality, but surprisingly I find myself resembling him in terms I find myself repeating things to remember certain things especially when it comes to important ones, I have always been temperamental, but I always end up regretting letting my anger out. Above all things, I wanted to please my father, especially since he is getting to know me as an adult.

    Then there is the one thing we both share and while I have kept it a secret and sharing it now – he and I both never grew up without a father until we both were 18-19 years old. I wonder to myself, what was my old man like before now?

    Being a snob sometimes is probably a big weakness, I am proud of who I am and where I come from, who my family is. I cannot change any of that so really. Aside from that, my family is a weakness; I will not take kindly for one to disrespect my family – most importantly my siblings.

How do you think a friend would describe you?
    A friend would describe as the type of person who loves to have a good time and be at a party or gathering, I enjoy being around people. I am defiantly described as a person who loves to drink, but never get drunk.

    They all see me as a person who is strong and confident as I mentioned earlier, who is constantly everywhere and never in one place unless needed to be. Who has gone through a lot growing up and somehow still ends up seeing the positive in life. And is not someone to mess around with once I am angered or in an argument where I can win, many have learnt to avoid either when necessary.

Finally, where do you want to be in five years time?
    I do not know where I will be within the coming year. I have my plans for the next five years to continue my work, but with all the recent events my entire future has changed and I have returned home to deal with the aftermath of my parents death and keep what’s left of my family together. Where I am in 5 years time from there, I’d have to wait and see wait will happen.
 Posted: May 30 2017, 07:56 AM
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I have died every day waiting for you.

welcome to felix felicis! we're excited to have you! we'll automatically claim the following for you: canons, abilities, species, professors, and employment. but don't forget to head over to the claims section to claim everything else, including playby, quidditch positions, professor head of house positions, and starting your own business! and consider posting a plotter so we can plot with you! and if you're new here, make sure to post in the member directory and feel free to introduce yourself, we'd love to get to know you ♥



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