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 Clubs, Groups & Organisations, Must Read & Creations Code Inside
 Posted: Apr 24 2016, 07:06 PM
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Clubs, Groups & Organisations

Rather than using JCINK'S built in system for clubs and groups we are going to create our own which will hopefully allow more freedom and the ability to relay information more easily in an area which members will be able to access and will enjoy using.

You can reply to this thread to request to start your own school or adult based (or both) club, group or organisation of any kind. We will be accepting, denying or pending these applications based on their suitability and perceived interest. You shouldn't have any problems, of course this measure is mostly to ensure nothing ~too~ ridiculous get's past, and that any groups would have enough interest to start them.

Felix Felicis will be starting a few of these groups. These are by no means the only groups that can be created, but are ways in which will we be able to feed you more information about what these groups have to do with the plot and your characters.

Please note: this is not just for Stonefalls. This is a board wide option available to any character for almost anything. You do not have to be a student.

Each group will receive it's own forum. You can use this forum to plan meetings, or keep your members up to date on what's happening in that particular group. You can list events you'd like to happen, quests/threads that are already in progress, or gather interest for threads or events you'd like to run in the future.

Like everything, these groups can go inactive if they are not used. Due to the nature of these particular groups, inactivity will not occur unless nothing has been posted within the forum for three consecutive months. Threads within the group's forum will be inactivated after two month as per Felix Felicis' rules.


[b]Members:[/b] (if you know other characters are already interested, list there names here)
[b]Number:[/b] (how many members would you need for this to be worthwhile?)
[b]Forum Image:[/b] (400px wide at least, high quality)

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