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 Face Claim
 Posted: Apr 15 2014, 06:15 PM
1593 posts
160 galleons
"all the panda love for you"
Human Witch
Payroll and Accounting
Non-Magical Admin
Like a space-age food pod made of magic and dreams , I'm a happy girl because I have you on my team. You are sweet and you are fine. I love you like a burrito.

Felix Felicis ~ Face Claim

1. You can reserve two faces for one month, after which time you must wait one week before re-reserving those same faces.

2. Plot reserves are permanent reserves for the site plot, please do not attempt to use those faces.

3. Please feel free to add your want add faces to the reserves. These will not hold faces for you but may provide ideas for others and extra advertisement for you.

4. Claims without colours or proper coding will be pended.

5. Please remember that all face claims must be over 13, and all characters must be over 17.

6. Deceased and Retired characters retain their face claim for consistency. Deceased face claims will be marked with a strikeout on the list. Retired characters will be proceeded by [R].

7. Please see THIS list for faces from the Harry Potter movies that are unable to be used on this site.

Please use this form to claim your face: (be sure to remove the *)

[*CODE][b]CelebLast, CelebFirst[/b] is [b]<a href="link to application here">[color=#HERE]First M. Last[/color]</a>[/b]<br>[*/CODE]

Please use this form to add your want ad faces to the list: (be sure to remove the *)

[*CODE][b]Celeb Name[/b] for want ad [b]<a href="LINK HERE" class="alinks">HERE</a>[/b]<br>[*/CODE]

Please use this form to reserve a face for one MONTH: (be sure to remove the *)

[*CODE][b]ALIAS[/b] is reserving [b]Celeb Name[/b] until [i]we will fill in the date[/i] <br>[*/CODE]


You must include a colour with your claim, if you do not do this, your claim will be pended. You can find the colours just here. If you need any help using them please feel free to ask!

Admin: #661A5C
Global Mod: #CC4040
Gryffindor: #7A0000
Hufflepuff: #ebb93b
Ravenclaw: #000066
Slytherin: #105217
Adults: #330066
Professor: #2B1947
Task force: #331A00
Priori: #490000
Muggle: #00527A
Ministry: #E86C19
Dragonblood: #CC297A
Squib: #29A329

Site Plot Reserves

BECKY is reserving Rick Genest / Rico Zombie

Want Ad Faces

General Reserves

THEIA is reserving Maia Mitchell until July 27th
ANNE is reserving EMMA STONE until July 30th
PEACHES is reserving Tom Holland until August 14th
FEY is reserving Amanda Seyfried until August 14th

user posted image
 Posted: Jun 13 2015, 12:03 AM
1593 posts
160 galleons
"all the panda love for you"
Human Witch
Payroll and Accounting
Non-Magical Admin
Like a space-age food pod made of magic and dreams , I'm a happy girl because I have you on my team. You are sweet and you are fine. I love you like a burrito.

Andersson, Emil is Axel I. Karkaroff
Archibald, Samantha is Aliyah D. Weasley
Ameen, Aml is Logan B. Harrison
Avidago, Rafaela is Symphony Z. Thomas

Badgley, Penn is Reid B. Larsen
Ball, Callum is Aleksei I. Karkaroff
Bamdad, Daniel is Roderick L. Ferguson
Baquero, Ivana is Mirium E. Sharratt
Barker, Darla is Makenzie R. Summers
Barnes, Ben is Vladimir A. Kiryanov
Beckham, David is Tyler J. Nott
Beech, Josh is Blaine E. Macclery
Bennett, Haley is Tawny R. Lombardi
Benson, Amber is Jamie-Lynn Jones
Benson, Ashley is Amanda E. Sharpe
Berges-Frisbey, Astrid is Avalon C. Taylor
R Blanchard, Rowan is Magdalen E. Silva
Booth, Douglas is Daniel A. Parker
Bolger, Sarah is Emmeline S. Stansfield
Brinley, Acacia is Tilly M. G. Martin
Brodie-Sangster, Thomas is Charlie J. Wainright
Brody, Adam is Ethan L. Barton
Butterfield, Asa is Elijah P. Farlington

Campbell Bower, Jamie is Alistair J. Potter
Carpenter, Sabrina is Shaelyn G. Lovell [t]
Chou, Tzuyu is Yuna M. Park
Christian, Cody is Micah E. Williams
Clarke, Melissa is Haven A. West
Coffey, Susan is Shiloh D. Weasley
Coleman, Jenna Louise is Sarah E. O'Connor

Daddario, Matthew is Daxton M. Winters
Dobrev, Nina is Charlotte N. Grae
Dyer, Natalia/b] is [b]Audrey C. Goyle

Ehrenreich, Alden is Frederick O. Mason
Eisley, India is Davina E. Rockwood
Elgort, Ansel is Logan E. Corner
Englert, Alice is Eveline N. Rousseau

Farrell, Brandyn is Callum L. Summers
Farrell, Colin is Archer S. Redgrave
Fast, Alexia is Cordelia Tanwen Daniels
Fernandez, Shiloh is Dimitry L. Morgan
Ferreira, Sky is June E. Manson
Fidler, Micah is Anastasya I. Karkaroff'
Fjordbak, Michael is Cyril A. Montague
Fletcher, Tom is Fynn B. Hooper
Fonseca, Lyndsy is Peyton A. Nott
Franco, Dave is Zachary T. Hale
Frangipane, Ashley is Laylah R. Chance

Garfield, Andrew is Mason R. Warrington
Garner, Jennifer is Nakara Nightshadow
Gavaris, Jordan is Felix A. Young
Gomez, Selena is Valentina N. Giovanni
Groeblinghoff, Joana is Luna C. Scamander

Hale, Lucy is Leila I. Krum-Murray
[R] Hamaj, Daniel is Justice C. Hamilton
Hamann, Andre is Raphael D. Moretti
[R] Hannigan, Alyson is Alyssa R. Darcy
Hansol, Vernon is Simon J. Anthony
Hemsworth, Chris is Ezra M. Flint
Holat, Ashley is Zahara E. Nymeria-Krum
Hold, Jake is Xander T. Burke
Holland, Willa is Lyla M. Summers
Holliday, Tess is Phoebe A. Nott
Hosk, Elsa is Shaylene J. Thorne
Hudson, Kate is Nadia I. Dragomira

none yet

James, Lily is Florence L. Macnair
James, Stephen is Cade G. Lacroix
Jeon, Jungkook is Brady S. Park
Johansen, Julia is Sophia M. Brimson
Jones, Danny is Oscar D. Phillips
Jordan, Jeremy is Jason Z. Younger

Kachingwe, Tinashe is Lavender M. Rose
Kane, Adelaide is Charity H. Ellsworth
Khiare, Zakaria is Syncopate B. Thomas
Kim, Taehyung is Ryleigh J. Nim-Reynolds
King, R. J. is Andrei V. Dragomir
Klitzke, Andre is Quinn R. Brimson
Koo, Jun-Ho is Draiden J. Song

Larsen, Samuel is Ollie A. Price
Latimore, Jacob is William S. Hayes
Lawrence, Jennifer is Kyli J. Blackmoor [t]
Lawrence, Jennifer is Kayleigh J. Blackmoor [t]
Lazinni, Rafael is Jack R. West II
Levina, Vika is Delaney K. Olivier
Lopez, Colby is Nathaniel J. Night
R Lovato, Demi is Piper L. Charles
Loveless, Lily is Scarlett F. Waters

Majewska, Ariadna is Elle L. Scamander
Marsden, James is Lysander D. Scamander
Maslany, Tatiana is Shelby V. Barton
McGowan, Rose is Isabella A. Nott
Meester, Leighton is Regina A. Bishop
Milatos, Stefanos is Demonte K. Windsor
RMitchell, Shay is [color=#330066 ]Harlette D. De Sousa
Moldovan, Diana is Kaliste M. Lupin
Momsen, Taylor is Angelica R. Kirkov
Munster, Tess is Phoebe A. Nott

Nery, Marina is Ifeya N. Silveira
Nett, Alysha is Lorraine C. Kinley
Norgaard, Chloe is Juliette M. Potter
Norlander, Victor is Iago D. Meryrick

O'Brien, Dylan is Peter E. Jackson
O'Connell Jack is Joey J. Waters
O'Donaghue, Colin is Zane A. Graves
O'Donnell, Sean is Sebastian T. Farlington
Olsen, Elizabeth is Yelena E. Sidorov
Origliasso, Jessica is Amelia J. Valentine [t]
Origliasso, Lisa is Annaleigh L. Valentine [t]
Owens, Nathan is Reed F. Thomas

p & q
R Palmer, Teresa is Elina V. Dragomira
Paltrow, Gwyneth is Dominique F. Charboneau
Palvin, Barbara is Darcey S. Macclery
Panabaker, Danielle is Pike P.S. Sawyer
Pasqualino, Luke is Evra L.P. Zabini
Perez, Luanna is Felicity E. Tremaine
Piper,Billieis Isàwien S. Higginbotham
Posey, Tyler is Ryker B. Greyback
Poulter, Will is Thomas J. Brenner
Poxleitner, Lights is Clara H. Lévesque [t]
Prescott, Kathryn is Katelyn R. Kennedy
Purnell, Ella is Cleo L. Hale
Quiantance, Jimmy is Elijah J. Wolfe

Ramirez, Cierra is Maricela B. Castillo
Reed, Crystal is Olivia J. Everly
Reedus, Norman is Damien V. Romanov
Rheon, Iwan is Lucian R. Deleanu
Ridley, Daisy is Adelaide B. Silva
Robb, Annasophia is Michele E. Ross
Roberts, Emma is Brent E. Foran
Ronan, Saorise is Wyatt K. Cresswell
Rose, Ruby is Katja V. Petrenko
Rudd, Emily is Raven N. Farlington
[R] Rudd, Paul is Liam J. Darcy
Russo, Cailin is Lydia B. Krum-Murray

Salazar, Rosa is Emma E. Entwhistle
Sanders, Jasmine is Vesper A. Thomas
Scodelario, Kaya is Tatum S. Summers
Sharman, Daniel is Christian T. Devereux
[R] Sidorchuk, Daria is Isobella L. Whelan
Sierota, Sydney is Daisy E. Lockwood
Silver, Zuleyka is Fiore A. Giovanni
Skarsgard, Alexander is Scorpius H. Malfoy
Smith, Lucky Blue is Wrenn M. Pryce
Stam, Jessica is Daniela F. Dragomira
Stetson, Andrew is Darius R. Lupin
Stirling, Lindsey is Elizabeth M. Darcy
Stroma, Freddie is [color #7A0000 ]Ronan K. Thorne][/color
Stymest, Ash is Benjamin L. Ashblood
Stymest, Ash is Grayson A. Nott
Suicide, Arwen is Zahara E. Nymeria Krum
Suicide, Kieve is Skye A. Olivier
Suicide, Mendacia is Jade A. Larsen-Weasley
Suicide, Plum is Cassiopeia J. Pruitt
[R] Suicide, Patton is Callisto D. Malfoy
Sweetnam, Skye is Phoenix N. Night
Swift, Taylor is Arianna G. Hamilton

Taylor, Ryan is Maddox A. Potter
Teixeira, Marlon is Gaspard J. Silva
Theron, Charlize is Valeska K. Dragomira
Thomas, Antonia is Nina T. Allan
Tychynska, Anastasiya is Cassiopeia J. Pruitt

u & v
Union, Gabrielle is Violet M. Rose
Verititis, Mendacia is Jade A. Larsen-Weasley
Verwegen, Harm is Dietrich E. Bachmeier

Watson, Hattie is Rosalie G. Potter
Watson, Alex is Rowan G. Macclery
Way, Sam is Torrance D. Wood
[R] Wilde, Olivia is Chloe M. Scrimgour
Woodley, Shailene is Sapphire A. Hamilton
Worrall, Luke is Jaime D. Greenacre
Wydrych, Aleksandra is Karliah E. Nygaard

x, y & z
Zhan, Ziyi is Xiao Fang
Zingmark, Ebba is Arwen T. Lockwood

This post has been edited by PANDA: Jul 15 2017, 05:50 AM

user posted image
Gemini N. Sparks
 Posted: Jul 17 2017, 12:39 PM
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"I'm a gemini"
Human Wizard
Professional Escort
Half-Blood Adult

[b]Lachowski, Francisco[/b] is [b]<a href="http://felixfelicishp.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=7673&st=0&#entry58026">[color=#330066 ]Gemini N. Sparks[/color]</a>[/b]<br>
Michelle E. Ross
 Posted: Jul 22 2017, 03:13 AM
19 posts
240 galleons
"We throw tantrums like parties"
Human Witch
20 / 10th
Herbology / Medical Magic
Half-Blood Hufflepuff
what's the point in being a voice when everyone's already sick of the noise? what's the point in trying to change when everyone's already stuck in their ways.

[b]HyliaKitty[/b] is reserving [b]Julie Kennedy[/b] until [i]we will fill in the date[/i] <br>
Ifeya N. Silveira
 Posted: Jul 23 2017, 04:06 AM
164 posts
30 galleons
"Beautiful Disaster"
21 / 11th
Astronomy / Herbology
Pureblood Ravenclaw
Babe, the night has swallowed my soul Could it be that I fell apart, it shows The lines on my face ate away my smile Could it be that I fell apart

[b]Lee[/b] is reserving [b]Tinashe[/b] until [i]we will fill in the date[/i] <br>
Matthew S. Brookes
 Posted: Jul 23 2017, 09:18 AM
19 posts
250 galleons
"I'll Never Back Down"
Pureblood Adult
All my friends are heathens, take it slow Wait for them to ask you who you know Please don't make any sudden moves You don't know the half of the abuse

[b]Kriegar Max[/b] is [b]<a href="http://felixfelicishp.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=7596">[color=#330066]Matthew S. Brookes[/color]</a>[/b]<br>

[b]Cole Lily[/b] is [b]<a href="http://felixfelicishp.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=6005">[color=#CC4040 ]Corah F. Hanna[/color]</a>[/b]<br>

[b]Aneko[/b] is reserving [b]Elliot Fletcher[/b] until [i]we will fill in the date[/i] <br>
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